Kyle – Chef

Kyle, Chef

Kyle is a Chef who works at a Fish Quay restaurant. I enjoyed chatting to him and happened to meet him again a couple of days later.

3 thoughts on “Kyle – Chef

  1. Hi Victor, great shot of myself i must say. i think what you do is fantastic and a great addition to the local community. If you ever want some food art or pictures of my dishs please dont hestiate to just knock on our kitchen door at martinos and ask for myself. i would be glad to have you as a guest in our kitchen. great work again

    Kind Regards
    Chef Kyle Greenwood

    • Hi Kyle – that’s kind of you. I’d loved to do some shots of your food & will drop in before too long. Sent the other images to your email. Let me know if you get them. Best wishes. V.

      • hi victor, yeah i got the images and informed the other members of our staff and forward them the email so that them too have the images you took. and yeah i say your more then welcome to come in when i am in the kitchen. i would say a Wednesday or a Thursday would be best due to the weekends being far to busy to accommodate you. just drop me an email or a text in the on coming weeks and i will make time and sort something out for you.

        thanks again
        Chef Kyle Greenwood or drop me a text ?

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