Random ‘Street’ shots:


↑  Wait your turn !   A slice of ‘street life’ captured on a sunny spring day in Lisbon, Portugal.  It was clear that the dogs look to this man for their welfare.


↑ Man in a hat.  Understated style encapsulated in a misshapen Trilby hat.


↑  Cheers !   The man in the flat cap, on suddenly becoming aware of his photograph being taken, projected a warmth that I was pleased to capture.  I returned his smile.


↑  Spot the dog.   I spotted this dog in Lisbon, Portugal.  Strong directional sunlight, although problematic for exposure, gave  a high-contrast, punchy feel to the image.


 Fish & Chips.  These two guys are enjoying a fish & chip lunch.  They made a good subject for a ‘street’ photograph, although actually taken in an indoor market – one I couldn’t miss.


 Shopfront.  I was attracted to this shopfront and its imaginative use of imagery – particularly that of the Triumph motorcycle, which oozes ‘cool’


The above images are a random selection of ‘street’ photographs, which illustrate the range of subjects available to ‘street photographers’.  Those willing to seek out the opportunities out there, will reap the rewards.

vwadams ©

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