Which camera ?

I continue to enjoy the immediacy of ‘Street’ photography and the potential creativity of ‘Urban’ photography.  From time to time and perhaps inevitably, I wonder whether to change my camera to a one specifically suited to these genres.  Nothing wrong with that of course and ease of use, image quality and fitness for purpose are clearly important considerations.  That said, it’s not all about more and more megapixels and emulating past-masters of photography.

My camera of choice, at least for now, is the Fuji S9600 – certainly not the most suitable for street photography but one which I’ve used for some time.  It’s sometimes frustrating, particularly when focusing and with the slight but irritating time-lag but its feel and comfort in my hand outweighs those negatives.  In short, it’s like an old glove – one that may not always keep me warm but which I still like to wear.

The S9600 is certainly not the most capable of my current cameras but it is the one I prefer in street/urban situations, at least for the moment.  I will change before too long (probably in favour of the Fuji X Pro 1 or similar) but before then, I will continue to wear out the one I have and make it work hard for me.

To quote the exceptionally talented and creative American photographer, Chase Jarvis   [ http://www.chasejarvis.com ]  :

             “The best camera is the one that’s with you”

I try to bear in mind too that the likes of Weegee created timeless ‘street’ images with a camera as cumbersome as a house brick.  So, whether I have an iPhone camera, a Fuji or Leica M9 with me, I will strive to take the best street/urban shots I can.  My best camera is the one I have with me.

 VWAdams ©

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