Perils of Photography

You might snigger at this, laugh out loud perhaps, or even guffaw …… be my guest.  I just thought I would share with the blogging world something that happened to me today.  It was funny but only, I have to admit, in hindsight.

Over the last few days I’ve been documenting the demolition of a, not so old, brewery building.  I seem to be the only one doing so and it’s become important to me for that alone.  More often than not, getting shots of demolition works involves poking a camera lens through a gap in a fence, gate etc. (with ‘elf ‘n’ safety ‘n’ all ).  Access is usually difficult and so it was today.  I stood on tiptoes, leaned across prickly bushes, reached over a wall and got some shots.  They weren’t the best – the light was dull and ‘grey’.  Then I thought  – ‘I’ll take a shot through the gap in that metal gate over there’.  BIG Mistake !!!!  I positioned my camera so I could shoot through the gap and although it was a tight squeeze, all seemed fine.  Well, it wasn’t ……. as I pulled away, I was covered in thick black oil …. it was on my hands, my arm, jacket, shirt, jumper, trousers.  Yuck.  Luckily, although it had caught my camera strap, it had miraculously missed my camera.

It turned out that someone (bless them) had smeared the gate locking mechanism with oil to prevent thieves (they’re everywhere) from stealing scrap metal.  Bearing in mind it was black oil on a black gate (!!!) I wondered which numpty might have thought it had a deterrent value (except, perhaps, to sharper-eyed photographers than me).

Anyway, I felt as if I suffered for my art today and sometimes the results are worth it …………. as the saying goes:     ‘The oily bird catches the worm’. 


5 thoughts on “Perils of Photography

  1. There is no photo worth losing life or limb but getting a bit dirty to get the shot, that’s well worth it! Anyway, you saved the most important: the camera!

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