Perils of photography (2)

I thought it timely to update my first post on the Perils of Photography (dated 9 Apr 2013).

I’m supposing here but most people probably regard photographers as namby-pamby, creative/arty/wimpy types. That is, of course, unless you happen to be a photo-journalist specialising in war-zones.  Well I thought I should inject a different perspective and use my new ‘friend’ Max to illustrate.

Walking about, creating some arty-type images today, I came across Max and his mate (he didn’t leave his name).  Suddenly and without a lot of warning, Max decided to get -up close and personal’ and ran over to see me !!!

This is Max……….


Here boy !!!    I wouldn’t say my life flashed before my eyes but I did feel a bit ‘loose’ if you know what I mean.  Being an intrepid street-photographer, I stood my ground and I’m pleased to report I still have my legs (bit of luck there, eh).

For those interested in doggy dental hygiene, I have posted the image at fairly high res.

Oh, I almost forgot – I’m now thinking of taking up wildlife photography.

It would be interesting to hear real-life (horror) stories from other ‘street’ photographers, so if you have a tale to tell let me know.

’til next time.


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