In a Flap…….Jack.

Many people and certainly almost everyone in Britain and Australia, will be aware of the well-used idiom [to get your] ‘knickers in a twist’.

Today, when photographing a local market, I came to the conclusion that another expression was required.

I usually make a point to avoid taking photographs which might embarrass, humiliate or offend the subject.  However, street photographers sometimes encounter hostility and this often results from you taking pictures of ‘them’.  Sometimes people just don’t ‘get’ street photography.  I’ve certainly encountered the occasional problem – but more of that in a future blog !

However, today must rank as one of the oddest objections I’ve come across.  Passing a colourful cake stall, I took a picture of some of the produce (I also like ‘food’ photography).  I then looked up to see the stallholder glaring at me, with a sullen, morose and most definitely unfriendly look that could have melted ice.  Being me, I said (in a cheery voice) ‘they look very nice’ (meaning the flapjacks), to which she replied, in clever conjunction with an angry scowl, ‘you could have asked permission !’.   I replied: ‘If you don’t want your flapjacks photographed, don’t leave them out in public’.

If life is too short to stuff a mushroom, it most certainly is to worry about your flapjacks being photographed.  Some people ‘get into a real Flapjack’ over the most trivial things.



ps. btw ….. can you copyright a flapjack ?


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