Community Payback


Community Payback

'Community Payback' team (2)

'Community Payback' team (3)

The small and pleasant market town of Yarm lies next to the River Tees. For many years, when the river rose, it would frequently flood and cause substantial damage. Flood-gates have now been erected to prevent the problem. On a walk along the river bank I was a little disappointed to see that the flood-gates had been scrawled upon, making them look unsightly. As I walked further, I came across a team of young men engaged in re-painting the gates as part of the ‘Community Payback’ scheme. I stopped to talk with them and get their views on the value of what they were doing. It was good to see something positive being done. I took several photographs of the team and with their permission, decided to post some of them on my blog. They were keen to check out the blog and that’s what they’re doing in the B&W image.

Everyone needs a break at some time and I hope things work out for them.

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