VWAdams is an aspirant Artist, Writer and Photographer.  New to the world of blogging, he is a lawyer by training but an aesthete and  photographer by inclination. He particularly enjoys street, urban, abstract and fine art photography.

Many of his photographs seek to capture the colour, vitality and vibrancy of markets. He likes coffee, red wine and the occasional beer – when not wandering the streets he can usually be found in a coffee bar, doodling in the journal he habitually carries.

Favourite photographers:  Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Joel Meyerwitz, Saul Leiter, Weegee, William Klein, Jimmy Forsyth, Richard Avedon, Rankin, Robert Freson, Steve McCurry (the ‘Eyes’ have it), Ernst Haas, Don McCullin  [but in no particular order]

Likes:  Visual art, City life, Urban landscape, documentary/street photography, interesting and creative people, inspirational architecture (classical and modern).

Dislikes:  ‘Pretty’ pictures, repetitive shots of local landmarks (soooo boring), social injustice, destructive people.

I’m generally tolerant of others though I would like to think I do not suffer fools gladly.  I do, though, reserve the right to be a fool myself, at least from time to time.

Copyright notice:  The work of the photographer/blogger, VWAdams, is subject to copyright.  No image or written work featured on this site may be copied, reproduced or used without the express consent of the photographer.   Requests to licence and/or purchase copy prints of the images should be addressed to the photographer/author via this blog site.

Please take the time to comment on my images & blogs, follow me if you wish and ‘like’ what you like.  Thank you for visiting.

10 thoughts on “BIO….

    • Hi Angelina, I suppose it’s got something to do with the fact that the brain gets tired after seeing essentially the same image 200 or 300 times. The value (one of many) of photography is that it can freeze ‘life’ in a fraction of a second. I hope my images do this. V.

  1. Hi Victor, one of the wonders of (street) photography is that it captures something interesting that you might not even have noticed in the first place when taking the image!

    • Hi Angelina. I agree …… photography makes you ‘look’ and the camera becomes, as it were, your ‘eyes’. Eyes which, somehow, provide greater focus (pun intended). V.

  2. Hi Victor, We met in Pret in Northumberland St one day at the end of Feb I was with my son Luke and we asked if we could share your table. You got chatting with Luke while i picked up coffee and that was it! You left me your blog address but i mislaid the piece of paper until now! Hope you remember us! Nothing unusual but it was lovely chatting with you especially as i love photography too! (complete novice though!) I really have enjoyed looking at your collection they have helped me to look at the street with very different eyes! Maybe we’ll bump into you again one day….

    • Hi Angela. Yes, of course I remember and I enjoyed talking to you and Luke. I’m pleased you liked my photos and I’m sure we’ll bump into each other again (probably at Pret). In the meantime, I’ll send you a copy of the pic I took of you both. Luke may be interested to know that I’ve just finished my course on The Beatles (through Coursera) -with his interest in music, he should check out what’s on offer.

      Nice to hear from you and with best wishes,


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